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The school held a review assessment pre-assessment expert meeting

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On the morning of September 18, the school held an undergraduate teaching review and assessment pre-assessment expert meeting at the Kant Tong Office of the new campus. Pre-assessment team leader, Northwestern University Dean Cao Mingming, panel members Xi'an University of Posts and original Fan Xiangyu, Dean of Xi'an University of Engineering Department graduate Liu Xiaocui, Xi'an Polytechnic University Academic Affairs Qi Hua, Xi'an Petroleum Wu Wei, director of the Academic Affairs Office of the university, Bai Li, secretary of the party committee of our university, Secretary Si Xiaohong, Fu Zhijun, deputy party secretary, Zhao Rongxia, vice chancellor Yang Ziyuan, Wang Fuping and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Duan Hengchun attended the meeting. 


A welcome word in Bai Li. He represents the Party committee of the school, the administration and all the teachers and students, and warmly welcomes the arrival of all the experts. Thank you for the warm care and support of our school for a long time. He introduced the history, culture and development status of Baoji magnolia to the experts, and introduced the course of school education in detail. He pointed out that the school has always insisted on improving the quality of education and teaching as a top priority, deepening education and teaching reform and innovation constantly, consolidating the central position of undergraduate teaching, improving the quality of education and teaching. One is the quality of personnel training has improved steadily, two is to continue to promote the work of discipline construction, improve the level of scientific research strength is three, four is the construction of teachers has been continuously strengthened, five is the school conditions continue to improve, the six pace is to create a high level of Baoji University continues to accelerate, the development of school has shown a good trend. Bai Li pointed out that the current development of the school, the new requirements proposed by the central government and still go to improve the quality as the core content development and the Ministry of education "double top" construction objectives and tasks as well as the provincial government proposed the construction of "strong education" and "new" strategic task and there are some gaps. He hoped that the experts should guide them carefully to find out the problems in the college teaching and provide intellectual support for the development of school science. He said that the school will be serious, realistic, humbly ask attitude, actively cooperate with the assessment group to carry out the work, listen to the comments and suggestions of experts, earnestly rectification work, and constantly improve the level of talent education and training quality, for regional economic and social development, pursuing transcendence "and to help the" big nineteen "victory is held to make a positive contribution.


Cao Mingming presided over the second phase of the meeting. In his speech, he pointed out that there is an essential difference between the assessment and the level assessment. The assessment and assessment are mainly based on the schools' positioning of running their own schools, the objectives of running a school, the objectives of personnel training and the work done by the schools. The teacher's strength , Resource conditions, basic facilities can not meet the schools set goals and personnel training objectives. Undergraduate teaching review and assessment of the basic principles of "evaluation to promote construction, evaluation and evaluation to change, evaluation and management, evaluation and construction, focusing on construction", the purpose is to improve the school's education level, to clarify the school's characteristics of running schools and improve the school Undergraduate training quality. He said that there are two main tasks for auditing and assessing undergraduate teaching work in schools: First, from the perspective of auditing and evaluating experts, based on their own thinking, observation and study, and undergraduate teaching auditing and assessment, 6 + 1 A field, 25 elements, 80 audit evaluation points, Baoji University of Arts and Sciences to conduct a systematic assessment, given the assessment opinion. The second is to conduct a comprehensive and systematic examination of the preparation for the review and appraisal of undergraduate teaching work in schools and the need for further improvement and improvement of the school to clarify the specific objectives of rectification, reform and construction of schools.

Si Xiao Hong reported on the history of the school development and the status quo, the guiding ideology and school orientation of running a school, the operation and effectiveness of education and teaching work, the existing problems and the direction of work. He pointed out that in the practice of running schools, the school gradually formed a clear guiding principle for running a school: "taking Lideshu as a fundamental task, teaching and scientific research as the center, discipline construction as the lead, strengthening the teaching staff as the key to deepen the comprehensive Reform as a driving force, with strengthening party building as a guarantee, highlighting the issue orientation, cracking down on development bottlenecks, strengthening the connotation construction, speeding up the pace of development, and continuously improving the quality of personnel training, scientific research, social service and cultural inheritance and innovation. " The development orientation of the school is to achieve the transition from a teaching-oriented university to a teaching and research university during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. The quality of personnel training, scientific research, social services and cultural inheritance and innovation in schools have been significantly improved and achieved Baoji University renamed among the ranks of high-level universities in Shaanxi Province. The orientation of running a school is to be a teaching and research university with the main characteristics of teacher education and applied engineering. Service-oriented positioning is based on Baoji, facing Shaanxi, radiating the country, basic education services and local economic and social development. School-level positioning is to undergraduate education, and actively develop graduate education. The training target orientation is to cultivate applied talents with "excellent moral character, solid foundation, strong ability, high quality, good innovation and entrepreneurship" for the basic education in Shaanxi and western regions and the local economic and social development in Baoji. He pointed out: In recent years, schools have deepened their reforms in teaching work and worked solidly to ensure a steady improvement in the quality of teaching. This is mainly manifested in: unswervingly adhere to the central position of undergraduate personnel training, and always do a good job of undergraduate education as the school's fundamental task; deepen the teaching reform to promote the reform of teaching quality steadily; strengthen the two basic education and applied engineering Strengthen the professional development and timely adjust the professional structure; strengthen the scientific research consciousness of teachers, promote the professional development of teachers with the academic level of teachers, enhance the professional development of teachers and promote the improvement of teaching quality; grasp the key to the construction of qualified personnel and improve the quality of teaching staff Ensure and promote the improvement of teaching quality; strengthen teaching management and improve the scientific, standardized and refined teaching management. He analyzed the main problems of undergraduate teaching in schools and proposed the future direction of his efforts. He hoped experts will face the problem squarely and generously.

Heads of various functional departments of the school and dean of various colleges attended the meeting.

Subsequently, the pre-assessment team of experts on the Zhou Qin Ethics and Modern Ethics Value Center, library literature library, folk art galleries, multimedia classroom control room, Geography and Environment Institute of Earth Science Experiment Center, Laboratory of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, swimming diving Museum Teaching facilities conducted a focused inspection. (Party Propaganda Department / Chen Yu Qin Figure / Zhang Ping)