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Our school and Shaanxi Automobile Group BAOHUAcompany to carry out production and research cooperati

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In order to continuously promote the cooperation between schools and enterprises, open up internship and training bases and enhance our ability to serve the community and serve local communities. Under the organization and coordination of the school unions, on the afternoon of September 29, Fu Zhijun, deputy party secretary of the school party, and Zhao Rongxia, Discipline Construction and Graduate Education Management Office, Enrollment and Employment Department, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and other units to the Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Baoji Huashan vehicles to carry out research cooperation.

Accompanied by Zhang Xuan, general manager of Baoji Huashan Co., Ltd. of Shaanxi Automobile Group, Fu Zhijun and Zhao Rongxia visited the general assembly workshop of construction vehicles and listened in detail to the operation conditions of the enterprises and got a deep understanding of the production technology, product development and performance characteristics of construction vehicles. In recent years, In the engineering vehicles, commercial vehicles market development, product structure adjustment presented a good situation has been fully affirmed.

After the visit, under the auspices of Shi Jianyou, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and Trade Union Chairman of Baohua Company of Shaanxi Automobile Group, both the school-enterprise exchange forum was held. Fu Zhijun briefly introduced our school history, school size, professional settings, personnel training, pointed out that the depth of cooperation with enterprises to carry out research and development to promote the development of both, and promote the economic construction of Baoji significance. Zhang Xuan warmly welcomed my school's efforts to promote school-enterprise cooperation and promote the integration of industry and education, and introduced achievements made by enterprises in production and research in recent years. I hope both sides can make achievements in personnel training, product development, achievement transformation and information management Continue to cooperate.

In the general assembly and debugging conference room, Fu Zhijun and Zhang Xuan represent the school and enterprise respectively for the unveiling of "Baoji College of Arts and Science, Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Co-integration Model Base" and "Baoji University of Arts and Science Student Practice Base".

Zhao Rongxia and Shaanxi Auto BAO Hua, deputy general manager of Song Xiaoyong signed a "Baoji College of Arts and Sciences, Shaanxi Automotive Group Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle Co., Ltd. production and research cooperation agreement."

After the signing, Zhao Rongxia pointed out in his speech that Baoji University of Arts and Sciences rooted in the treasure land of Baoji, heart of the development of the school-enterprise cooperation conditions are sufficient and huge space, both parties play their respective advantages, make full use of both platforms and vigorously promote the research, Talent recruitment, postgraduate training and other aspects of exchanges and cooperation, and effectively the two sides to cooperate to make concrete, make a model.

Baoji City Deputy Secretary for Industry and Information Technology Sun Fangxian, Science and Technology Research Fellow Yao Junhong made speeches respectively on this cooperation in production, teaching and research. He hoped both the school and the enterprise would give full play to their geographical advantages, tap potentials, strengthen cooperation, share win-win results and seek common development.

Baoji City Bureau of Science and Technology, Shaanxi Automotive Group Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle Co., Ltd. related personnel attended the meeting exchange. (School union text / Tao Wei map / Zhang Ping)